Swing Doors

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The benefits of shower enclosures:

– easy adaptable to shower dimensions (from the smallest ones up to large areas);
– by selecting qualitative materials and applying a modern and functional design we get a unique product from the point of view of individual look and dimensions;
– glass thickness (8 or 10 mm) and its colour (transparent, extra-clear, bronze, grey, sandblasted – printed, painted – any colour or tone, matelux – satin) can be adjusted to the customer’s necessities and preferences;
– insertions (including magnetic ones) and premium quality fittings (available in: satin, glossy, black and gold) ensures outflow protection;
– swing doors represent the classic and the most practical option for a shower enclosure due to its easy usage;
– gliding doors can be fixed both on bathtubs and directly in the floor; it is an innovative system which makes easy the door opening by slowing it down;
– frameless glazed doors are the most appropriate ones to be fixed in recess or together with a fixed wall; also, the system allows detachment of glass panels for a better cleaning.