Handrail is an important constituent part of stairs. Its basic purpose is to ensure the foothold and prevent the fall outside the perimeter of the construction. Gardecor presents sustainable and aesthetic handrails.

Handrails are made of stainless steel, aluminum, acrylic glass and glass. Let’s analyse them into details.

Stainless Steel Handrails
Stainless steel is a practical and noble material. Due to this, stainless steel is frequently used in architectural constructions, indoor decorations, in manufacturing furniture and accessories. The reason is that the stainless steel is practical and multifunctional. Stainless steel handrails are used in public and medical institutions, commercial centres, fitness centres, beauty salons, swimming pools, restaurants, playing grounds.

Benefits of stainless steel handrails

  • long period of use – more than 50 years – without losing their technical properties
  • rust-proof, resistant to mould, humidity and temperature changes, duet to which the construction may be installed anywhere, outdoor inclusively
  • easy to maintain
  • sustainable and practical: stainless steel products do not need any additional protector layer
  • stylish look
  • safe usage
  • affordable price

Aluminum handrails
Aluminum handrails fit perfectly in creating barriers of any kind, due to the material plasticity which can take various shapes. Moreover, aluminum handrails and rails are rust-proof, which make them useful in installing them both indoor and outdoor, without taking into consideration the elements. No special maintenance needed. For instance, aluminum barriers can be installed at balcony, veranda, office and cottage entrance. Due to its resistance to humidity they can be used in greenhouses, swimming pools and saunas. You will not encounter any difficulties in assembling it. No welding needed. Assembling is made by lego principle.

Benefits of aluminum barriers

  • low price
  • rust-proof
  • ‘lego’ assembling, without welding
  • variety of shapes, profile curves, colour shades
  • unlimited exploitation
  • low weight
  • plasticity
  • easy to maintain
  • sustainable

Acrylic glass handrails
Acrylic glass is a light, fine and sophisticated material, characterized by a high degree of strength which allows to create unique bright indoor designs. Handrails are made of acrylic glass, the base of which is organic glass. The organic glass provides the acrylic glass the properties which are highly valued by designers when working on a new indoor design. Acrylic glass handrails are very sustainable. Smooth and uniform surface of the products gives them a catchy look and easiness of using. When going downstairs and upstairs, you may not think any more about the danger of injury. In spite of fine look, handrails have enough strength, which can put up with great mechanic loads. The acrylic glass properties allow manufacturing products of different shapes. Such handrails will offer the area a note of celebration and luxe.

The benefits of acrylic glass handrails

  • the light passes through it
  • safety
  • high degree of strength
  • to chemical substances
  • sustainable
  • electrically insulated
  • resistant to pelts

Acrylic glass handrails represnt a new tendency in manufacturing stairs barriers. Acrylic glass handrails will stand for the special highlight of our interior design.

Glass handrails
So far, no one thought that glass may serve as a material for stairs barriers. 30 years ago, due to the technological evolution in the field of buildings, the area of applying glass has developed significantly. Glass barriers became one of the modern options of glass use.

Glass handrails combine perfectly with any other materials: stone, wood, metal, ceramics, concrete. That is why they fit in every interior design style. Indoor, the glass handrails are used as a décor for empty space between stairs, grounds, interior passages when organizing a place for indoor balconies or terraces in public institutions and commercial centers. They look simple, stylish and take least space.
In exterior designs, glass barriers create an elegant look of balconies and verandas, bridges, fences and other barrier constructions. Glass parapets represent a stylish solution for terraces, which are placed on the roof of block of flats wit many floors. The transparent construction has no inner supports and creates the effect of airiness and levitation. At the same time, it will give you the possibility to enjoy the view.

Benefits of glass handrails

  • easy to maintain
  • aesthetic look
  • affordable price
  • areal enhance. Handrails enhance visually the area and height of the room. At the same time, they may hide unnecessary stuff if using matte glass or decorated glass.
  • large area of usage
  • savings from beautiful illuminance devices
  • resistance to mechanic loads
  • fire safety
  • environmental safety
  • sustainable exploitation: material is resistant to humidity, temperature variabilities, sun rays and does not change its look.