Plastic Barriers

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Due to the polymers used in the process of manufacturing and their design, the plastic barriers provide you the following benefits:

  • peculiar resistance to unfavourable climate conditions;
  • the do not get out of shape and do not discolour;
  • fireproof and rust proof;
  • variety of suggested models gives the possibility to create a favourable aesthetic image;
  • no need of painting or maintaining;
  • easy to ensemble and do not generate additional load to the building.

Borders have an extremely wide functional scope of application: decorative barriers, fences, gates, balcony and terrace handrails.
They are designed for: organization of private houses and cottages, playgrounds, hotels, factories, offices, private and public areas, residential quarters, plants, military units, town parks, gardens and courtyards, public roads.

Plastic pillar: height – 82 cm
Plastic panel: length – 100 cm / height – 69 cm

Model Pine (H18):
1 ml – 12 pieces
R50 cm – 18 pieces

Plastic pillar: height – 66cm
Plastic panel: length – 100 cm / height – 52 cm

Model Brick (H20):
1 m2 – 4 pieces

Plastic pillar: height – 107cm
Plastic panel: length – 100 cm / height – 94 cm

Model Tulip (H25):
1 ml – 12 pieces
R50 cm – 18 pieces

Short Tulip
Model Short Tulip (H18-T):
1 m2 – 4 pieces