Panorama-windows system is made of tempered glass and may include 2, 3, or 4 panels, depending on the client’s requirements. Within each system, the first panel has a steady mount, while the others have the capacity of moving up and down. They can be easily opened and closed, by means of a remote control.

– represent a new generation of innovative outdoor protection, as a matter of fact it is the last trend in the field of outdoor design which allows the execution of a sophisticated architecture both for new buildings and renewals;
– in close position, the system protects indoor area from rain, snow, dust, wind and so generating a special and charming ambience with an absolute view due to thin frames;
– extend the outdoor living areas with their panoramic glass panels;
– complete perfectly pergolas systems, creating an independent and unique space;
– panorama-windows system (which may include 2, 3 or 4 panels), where the first panel has a steady mount, while the others have the capacity of moving up and down;
– the option of using it as: fixed window, glass handrail, showcase, movable glass enclosures – and all of them with a perfect look;
– silent functioning: due to acoustic insulation, 18 engine protection modules ensure a great noise reduction during the operational system;
– the system is motorized (Somfy) and performs vertical glass movements within the side strakes and it can be controlled by means of buttons, remote controls and even iPads and smartphones with minimum efforts;
– panorama system is made of aluminum profiles with fine design and especially adapted to be applied on huge areas, making possible the customization in different colour range of both aluminum frame and glass (where the aluminum is resistant to corrosion and light, but it is also extremely sustainable);
– easy to project and minimum hidden components;
– use of traditional solutions of retractable glass destroys the integrity between indoor and outdoor, while the panorama combines them nicely;
– getting a fresher air, larger area, brighter natural illuminance.

Designed for the outdoors/indoors of: business premises, HoReCa sector (Hotels, Restaurants, Catering), balconies and private houses.