Any construction or glass architectural system requires the most qualitative and innovatory metal hardware elements and accessories. They are included perfectly within the design and architecture of indoor or outdoor design, providing a long-lasting added value.

Being one of the biggest importer of metal hardware elements, Gardecor company presents a large range of:
– gliding systems (of aluminum and stainless steel)
– hinges (glass/glass, wall/glass, applied)
– fittings (silicon and magnetic)
– cylinder door handles, locks, latches, clenches and connectors
– aluminum profiles, perimeter rails, spider systems
– stainless steel pipe (oval, square, rectangular, rounded)
– connectors (pointed stainless steel connectors, clenches and glass connectors, shower enclosures connectors, glass sun-blinds connectors, spider connectors, spider pivot pins, spider systems)
– stabilization connectors (glass/pipe, pipe/pipe, wall/pipe)
– complete sets and kits for glass doors and shower enclosures
– shock absorbers, frames, frames bars, quoins, pivots, stoppers and brush seals
– stabilization bars, U and aluminum profiles
– handles (cylinder-shaped, rectangular, towel-rail shaped, shell
– towel-rail bars (rounded, square)
– gliding systems (complete kits, guiding rail, double guiding rail, blank covers, gliding rails with shock absorbers)
– complete systems for glass handrails (glass fixation innards, ornamental tops, sloped/straight/rounded models, sunken profiles, blank covers, side supports profiles, pointed connectors, rounded/square/’u’ handrails profiles)