Frameless glazing terraces

Nowadays, the frameless glazing terraces enjoy a measure of success. Frameless glazing gives you the chance to enjoy the view, without being hidden by the frames, because they are missing. At the same time, frameless glazing ensures comfort and security. Despite the fact that there are no frames, the glazing system is a very strong and safe one. For such a windows installation there is used tempered glass, which has an increased sustainability, resistance to loads, aggressive chemical substances and mechanic damages. The most important thing is that tempered glass is safe. When it breaks, it breaks into small glass particles with dull edges. The special manufactured scope of supplies and glass handles with lock will provide protection to your space when you are away. Frameless glazing can be partially opened, to protect space from the wind without letting the sunshine to heat your indoor space.

Frameless glazing is a perfect solution or terraces! It is the most elegant option for a summer indoor. Frameless glazing empowers the possibilities of using the terrace from one month to six months. They serve as protection to your stuff, plants, limits the private property zone and prevents the snow and rain permeation indoor.

 Key benefits of frameless glazing

  • A wonderful view, which is not hidden by the frames
  • Panoramas allows to admire the beautiful site
  • Constructions look modern
  • The lodge or terrace look stylish, fine, and at the same time safe.
  • Frameless glazing makes the sunlight to pass through it, making the indoor look brighter
  • The possibility of airing the indoor due to the total opening of windows or their side gliding. The possibility of folding the construction in plisse shape.
  • Acoustic insulation, resistance to elements and wind.

Glass colour

Frameless gazing may be transparent, matte, toned or reflective.

Toned glass

Sometimes, when installing frameless glass, there are used lamellae of different colours (blue, green, light-brown etc.). Lamellae are thick platens of building material. The use of tone allows creating a beautiful and unusual design.

The glass colour may be changed by several ways:

  • Mass toning. This technology consists of adding chemical substances while the glass is melting. Thus, it changes its shade. For obtaining this result, oxid metals are used most frequently. The strength and other physical characteristics do not change.
  • Toning with layer. In this case, the surface of items is covered with a special shaded layer. This method is considered to be good because of the possibility of dropping away the toning, by removing the layer.
  • Dying – in this case the lamellae are dyed with a thick overlay of coloured polish. Such a covering is long-lasting.

Reflective glass

Frameless glazing with reflective glass are called “chameleon”. They are transparent from inside and opaque from the outside. Application of different ways of spraying allows to get a surface of different shades (brown, blue, white).

Such a glass is used when frameless glazing is installed in rooms which are always under direct sunlight. Reflective surface reflects the light and makes the indoor temperature to be more comfortable. Chameleons have anti-reflective coatings, that is why tjey are used in building show cases.

Glass with variable matte finish

This kind of windows can be used not only as frameless glazing, but can carry out the function of a screen. It is possible due to various technologies of applying protector layer. Polyetylenetereftalat layer (PET) creates a matt finish to the glass. Also, it has highlighted protection and anti-vandalism properties. The layer stands for the best result of protection, even being compared to bars and protection blinds.

*If you want to install frameless glazing to your balcony or lodge, we suggest to apply mass toning. Protect your private life!

The Profile Colour

Gardecor Company presents a large range of colours for profiles. Profiles may be manufactured in any of colours. It is possible to apply a layer that copies qualitatively the wood structure for an optimal and harmonic proportion to the colour of the system (matte white, glossy white, black). All your requirements will be taken into account during the creation of the room optimization solution. Our constructions assume the possibility of applying tempered and laminated glass. Due to this principle, the decoration options are unlimited. The panels can be decorated with serigraphy, a combination between various patterns and colours, photo print and canvas.

*If you are going to install a frameless glazing system in two indoors at once (for instance, balcony and lodge), the colour of all oh the constructions should coincide, for avoiding dissonance. Some of the models are calculated for applying wooden directing elements. The special manufacturing makes the wood, which is applicable in manufacturing window system, to be as strong as metal is.

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