Do you know that if a company does not attend international exhibitions, its activity within market will not be long-lasting?

Participation in an exhibition cannot be replaced by a simple event. Attending exhibitions gives us the chance to meet customers, counter and competing parties, to know knew tendency of market development and taking part to its further improvement. We keep up with today’s technology, that is why, attending exhibitions specialized in building technology became a tradition for Gardecor company.

Annually, Gardecor presents a complex approach to creation and organization of houses and terraces according to the latest technology.

In 2013, we have attended the MOLDCONSTRUCT 2013 exhibition. During the period of 20 and 23 March, within the MoldConstruct 2013 exhibition Gardecor Company presented to the visitors the complex approach to indoor design organization with glass. There were presented various options of frameless glazing system. Also, we have presented the option of frameless glazing system, with the possibility to cover the terrace from wind and rain, in order to provide a panoramic view.

In 2014 we got on attending two exhibitions: DAS INTERIOR SHOW and MOLDCONSTRUCT 2014.
Within DAS INTERIOR SHOW exhibition, we have presented to the visitors the complex approach to modern home and terrace organization. On stand, there were presented various options of floor covering (decking), frameless glazing systems, handrails and barriers, as well as SUNTECH retractable pergolas.

Within the MOLDCONSTRUCT 2014 exhibition, there was presented a stand with various options of frameless glazing systems on it.

In 2015, we have attended once again the exhibition specialized in building technology – MOLDCONSTRUCT. That year we have diversified the list of represented items. We have presented to the visitors a stand with the newest approach creation and organization a modern house: aluminum, stainless steel, acrylic glass and tempered glass handrails, glass movable barriers, glass panels for shower enclosures, doors with gliding, swing and revolving system, frameless glazing systems, which serve as solution for functional missions, wood polymer composite items, shading systems: SUNTECH pergolas, VERA awnings.

Attending the MODLCONSTRUCT exhibition became a tradition of ours, that is why, in 2016 we participated within this exhibition. We have presented to the visitors the “comfortable terrace” concept, which was created from our products, such as: retractable pergola with LED illuminating system; the front part was covered with frameless glazing system, side illuminating with aluminum barriers, floor covering with wood polymer composite boards.

In November 2018, Gardecor company will attend the DAS INTERIORS exhibition. Gardecor’s stand will be of interest for designers and architects. We will present exclusively new products: bioclimatic pergolas, frameless glazing systems, ZIP shading system, large panoramic windows, awnings and some other interesting items. News and details will appear on our social network sites. We are looking forward your presence at the exhibition!

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