Barrier Tapes

Barrier Tapes2020-06-17T12:17:34+00:00

– they are most frequently used in public places: airports, markets, cinema, due to the fact that they are movable.
– provide an efficient movement within installations;
– a simple solution stands at the basis of this concept – to restrict the access, based on movable pillars with retractable tape or textile line, depending on the environment they are used in;
– contribute from the point of view of security, to make the use of resources efficient in the process of supervision and informing the customers; also, they allow the access restriction in certain working areas, with limited or dangerous access;
– retractable tape represents the most economic and efficient communication method of customers messages, providing a large space for printing the logo, brand image, promo messages or the security instructions.

  • Pillar with tape
    Pillar dimensions: height 100 / base diameter 60 (cm)
    Pillar colours: red, black, blue
  • Tape
    Tape dimensions: length 230 (cm)
    Tape colour: red, black, blue
  • Pillar with strap
    Pillar dimensions: height 100 / base diameter 30 (cm)
    Pillar colours: stainless steel, gold
  • Strap
    Strap dimensions: length 150 (cm)
    Strap colours: red, blue