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Tempered Glass

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What is Tempered Glass?  Tempered glass is the kind of glass which is combined with other materials or glass, which is subjected to a special thermal manufacturing. Compared to the ordinary glass, the tempered glass reduces the risk of injury in case it breaks. There are three types of tempered glass: laminated glass, glass

Shading Systems

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Shading System  There are two types of shading systems: indoor and outdoor. Indoor Shading System – is a perfect way to refresh the design and give it refinement and comfort. Indoor shading system allows managing and choosing the level of protection against sun and the level of room exposure. Outdoor Shading System – will


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Do you know that there are a few companies on Moldovan market which can give the client the chance to visit a Showroom? One of the key-principles of Gardecor is customer care. We wont to help you making the choice which you will be later satisfied with. That is why there was opened a special


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Do you know that if a company does not attend international exhibitions, its activity within market will not be long-lasting? Participation in an exhibition cannot be replaced by a simple event. Attending exhibitions gives us the chance to meet customers, counter and competing parties, to know knew tendency of market development and taking part to


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Handrail is an important constituent part of stairs. Its basic purpose is to ensure the foothold and prevent the fall outside the perimeter of the construction. Gardecor presents sustainable and aesthetic handrails. Handrails are made of stainless steel, aluminum, acrylic glass and glass. Let’s analyse them into details. Stainless Steel Handrails Stainless steel is