Contemporary pergola changed radically its purpose, structure and role, even if it was initially intended for parks and gardens, manufactured from wood and columns on which decorative spider plants raise. Modern retractable pergolas have key-role of protection and shading, with an aluminum structure covered with various waterproof textile and the possibility to retract towards technical system a part of which it is. Designed to provide thermal in visual comfort, they are intended both for residential cottages and various terraces, restaurants and hotels.

Gardecor (exclusive distributor of Suntech in the Republic of Moldova) presents a large range of architectural shading constructions for terraces, with retractable roof, adaptable to all climate conditions and of great covering capacity of business premises (hotels, restaurants, café) and residential areas, with organization of a smoking area. The modular structure allows shading of any surface, regardless of length and width.

The impressive range of Suntech pergolas, which are totally automatic and equipped, will transform outdoor into comfortable life experience with a great added value.

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