Indoor Partitions

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The benefits of indoor partitions:

– allow large and open area partition, due to which the efficient use of area takes place;
– make it easy to distribute the natural illuminance;
– ensures privacy (visual and acoustic) of each office;
– can be adapted to your interior design, due to the glass which can take on various colours, and due to perimeter profile of various types and tones;
– represents the original way of area multifunctional use (possibility to retract them partially or totally);
– the gliding system stands for the minimal and functional sliding solution which change your terrace into a bioclimatic area;
– because it does not have any aluminum profiles, the gliding system creates a transparent wall which allows the sunlight to pierce through, but which keeps the wind outside (improvement of impermeability to air and resistance to wind).

Designed for indoors of: private, manufacturing or public properties and HoReCa sector (Hotels, Restaurants, Catering).


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